-Packaging dimension(mm):980mm*465mm*650mm(900mm)
-Container loading:20'84pcs 40'180pcs 40'HQ 240pcs
-Gross weight(kg):36
-Net weight(kg):30

Functions and Features

    Inox chassis
    -760m³/hr air flow
    -Electronic switch
    -5 layers washable aluminum grease filters
    -Tempered glass
    -Full sealed aluminum motor with two years warranty
    -4 x fluorescence lamps
    -Teflon coated blades

    Optional Extras:
    -Ducted or recirculation air operation
    -1000m³/hr air flow with 4 speeds
    -Timer(electronice switch only)
    -Charcoal filters
    -Stainless steel filters
    -Color glass
    -Remote control