• Product Dimensions(mm) : 595*427*388
  • Liner Size (mm) : 383*200*328
  • Installation Dimensions (mm) : 565*380*550
  • Voltage(V) : 220~240
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power : 1790W
  • Net volume : 23.5L
  • Operating temperature : 100℃,85℃,75℃,90℃ 95℃,80℃,55℃,60℃


Functions and Features

    - Steam cooking: cooking rice at any time, vegetables, fish, meat, pies, desserts and other boxes, and pre-cooked food can be reheated, to thaw.
    - Nutritional security: water is heated by steam to produce steamed food, preserving food nutrients vitamins box color.
    - The default temperature display: cooking food, the user can adjust the temperature within the preset range, and the cooking time, after setting; blue screen shows the preset temperature and time.
    - Cooking rectify dishes: the entire cooking process, they can always be added to food, steaming oven up to three simultaneous cooking of food, a variety of tastes and smells do not mix.
    - Door contact switch: If the door open during the cooking process, steam will automatically stop the operation of manufacturing, and the blue screen Guanmen prompt until the door closed, so you can save energy and ensure safety.