• Rated Power : 700W
  • Product Dimensions(mm) : W595*H595*L445
  • Installation Dimensions (mm) : W600*H585*450

Functions and Features

    - Machine embedded design, modern kitchen appliance combines the new concept of integrated design, and kitchen with more harmony.
    - A separate control room, ultraviolet, ozone disinfection, low-temperature drying; can work simultaneously, saving space to meet the needs of a large number of tableware disinfection while at the same time, energy saving.
    - Ultraviolet light, ozone sterilization thorough disinfection no dead ends, no residue, thoroughly efficient and safe.
    - Luxury appearance ahead, fashion appearance design, microcomputer control, dynamic display, working status, regular automatic shutdown, a variety of functions can be automatically switched, secure power, the operation simple and convenient.
    - High-quality materials, quality assurance, import stainless steel liner, shelves, never rust, stored food and utensils clean and sanitary; high strength and resistance to deformation of the door glass seal, beautiful and durable.
    - Outside the guide design, guide external structure, isolated track of utensils secondary pollution to ensure the purity of the quality of sterilization.