• Capacity : 8L

Functions and Features

    - 8 liters of gas water heater digital thermostat
    - Pressure protection device (with pressure switch type): air pressure switch test at startup is normal, and when the normal operation, air pressure switch test is normal, otherwise, that is, when troubleshooting, automatic shut off gas supply solenoid valve;
    - Fixed-point ignition system: proportional valve opens the ignition current to flow less gas ignition, deflagration to avoid the phenomenon of ignition failure;
    - Quick release water filter cleaning equipment, filter removal quick and easy cleaning, and with a magnetic iron impurities in the water column can be adsorbed;
    - LCD Display: LCD display water heater water temperature, adjust the water temperature is more intuitive, more convenient, hot and cold pretty good idea;
    - Proportional valve thermostat: Set the temperature according to changes in water flow and adjust the current size of the proportional valve to adjust the gas flow to achieve the set temperature;
    - Gas regulator device: a range of air pressure changes, pressure before the nozzle can be stable, to avoid the deterioration of combustion conditions;
    - Patent fuel unloading explosive device: to prevent accidental detonation damage to the water heater