• Dimensions (mm) :L760 * W450 * H100
  • Opening dimension (mm) : L680 * W370(4-R50)
  • Packaging dimension (mm) : L790 * W580 * H190

Functions and Features


    - European High enamel tough type design, simple and stylish.

    - Imports of 304 hardened stainless steel panel, the professional grinding, polishing, drawing, and other deep-processing, the overall shape, finish, easy to clean.

    - Copper alloy burner, together with the ring design and fire, the fire rotation guide slot, the high heat flow of gas to 4.0KW; constitute a security, energy efficient gas systems throughout.

    - Use fireworks and tricyclic cohesive design of the sub-fire firearms, the bottom of the heated area larger, more uniform, fine-tuning device coupled with continuous fire, suitable for any cooking requirements, to enjoy freedom of heart.

    - Burning down the whole inlet structure design, optimization into the air system to achieve complete combustion, greatly improving the thermal efficiency, the maximum to avoid carbon monoxide (CO) on the kitchen environment, pollution, environmental protection and energy saving.

    - Using all imported thermocouple magnetic valve, high-sensitivity flame sensor abnormal condition, automatically within 5 seconds, cut off the gas quickly and effectively to prevent accidents.