• Border design : Bevel edge
  • Load power : 3.5KW
  • Dimensions(mm) : L730*W430*H55mm(L*W*H)
  • Opening dimension(mm) : L705*W405*H60(L*W*H)

Functions and Features


    - European imports of ceramic panels, international standards for ultra-strength, cold-thermal shock test.

    - Distinguished all-round ceramic cooktop, the left duoflam cooktop has one plum-type with 4.5KW gas system , and the middle has one 180mm single-ring electric heating system, and the right has one 180/120mm dual-ring heating system, the full range of requirements for families.

    - Rapid Fire heating systems, environmental fashion, the equivalent of 4.5KW gas stove fire.

    - German mechanical 9 stalls, precise control of temperature regulation, overheat protection.

    - Set the power supply, residual heat indicator light, safe, secure.