• Load power : 4.5KW
  • Dimensions(mm) : L510*W300*H55mm
  • Opening dimension(mm) : L490*W280

Functions and Features

    - European imports of ceramic panels, international standards for ultra-strength, cold-thermal shock test.
    - The Domino Combisets has a 4.5KW burner, the full range of requirements for families.
    - Three-ring fire, entirely from above into the wind, environmental protection and fashion, combustion system is completely air into the wind from above complementary way, lack of combustion air to eliminate accidents due to flameout, And return the resulting gas emissions, increased use of gas safety and reliability.
    - A variety of security features, self-detection, flame protection, low pressure protection.
    - Set Power ignition, the battery is no longer worried about damage to appliances.
    - Easy clean.
    - Suitable for a variety of gas sources.